Yes, cyclopes (copy and paste)  Anyways, I believe Kingsisle has a time machine. There! I SAID IT! Earlier, I saw an image sayin’ they would be doing maintenance tonight, then i log back in and see it sayin’ it would be for December 4, 2009. No KI, it is no longer that year please announce
it if you do have a time machine.

Wizard101 Scheduled Website Maintenance the website will experience interruptions in service from approximately 3am to 4am Central US Time on December 03 2009.

During this time, players will not be able to login to the game.
Players who are in the game at that time will not be affected but they may not be able to see their Crowns Balance.

Thank you for your patience while we perform this maintenance.


Back with the cyclopes, AGAIN I really have no idea if anyone else has seen this but Akilles was a Greek warrior who bathed in the river Styx, making him invincible, in Greek Mythology.


This segment, has absolutely no facts on it. All I have found out is that in the Percy Jackson books, Mrs. O’Leary is a Hellhound, which is funny because, Hellhound=Dog O’Leary Gang=Cats.


Last thing, KI has released a wallpaper that will reveal a new character in Celestia each week. ENJOY!