Well I’ve been holding this in for a while but I have discovered some of the reasons behind a character and a place in Wizard101.

The character is Malistaire and the place is the Necropolis.

Well here is a history lesson for ya! In ancient Greece in the city of Athens there stood the Acropolis, this was used for religious worship and sacrifice. Acropolis also means “High City” in Greek, this structure was also used to hide out and defend if and when invaded.

See! Right there! ‘worship and sacrifice’  that explains Sylvia Drake’s Tomb.  After all, the Acropolis would be a great place to resurrect your dead wife. Also they changed it to ‘Necropolis’ Necro meaning Death. I am not sure if anyone else has realized this but i had just thought of it in the middle of History class….

And Malistaire. I believe the name ‘Malistaire’ is a variation of ‘Alistair’. One thing is, THEY SOUND LIKE EACH OTHER! Second reason being, Alistair is from a game called ‘Dragon Age’ hmmm….  Dragon Age obviously has SOMETHING to do with dragons, as does Dragonspyre, Malistaire’s home-world.

I mean, these aren’t perfect reasons, but maybe the fact that it takes a little research makes it all the more funner 🙂